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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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for photography. >> a lot of people come into my classes and they don't feel like they really are creative and through the process of working and showing them and giving them some tips and ideas. >> this is kind of the best kept secret. you should come on and take a class. we have orientations on most saturdays. this is a really wonderful location and is the real jewel to the community. >> ready to develop your photography skills? the harvey milk photo center focuses on adult classes. and saturday workshops expose youth and adults to photography classes.
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco transportation authority plans & programs committee today is tuesday, july 15, 2014, and i'm our vice chair. roll call >> item one roll call. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos absent. supervisor kim. supervisor mar absent supervisor yee. we w we have quorum >> thank you i'd like to recognize our cleaning clerk erica chang and thank you to the sfgovtv and recognition jessie larson and others please a call item 2. >> the advisory committee report this is an informational
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item. >> thank you. do we have a member of the cac to present today. good morning >> good morning. i'm the vice chair of the cac if districts 10 and our advisory committee meeting we took up up those two items but want to go item this deals with the allocation of prop k funds and $2 million in prop w a funds mostly the clarifies on aspects of the downtown extension project including bryan requests for the scheduling and we had specifics on how the caltrain would be configured with the transbay center was not limited to and this item passed unanimously
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with support from the cac. item 7 deals with the adaptation of 142014 prop k utilization programs this took place a lion's share of our time at the cac i had concerns with the connect our road under the 5 p heading and asked for clarification my concerns were rather than the proposition not to fitting itself eligibility requirements for the transbay remits and at the end of the day it's perplex being in danger because of this. erick ruth linkage talked about the projects funded through an increase in the vehicle licensed fee the cac was assured the planning efforts would continue and not the only source of funds.
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john larson questioned the project in light of ocean beach that calls for closing the highway because of erosion and look forward of the cac promised a followup discussion during public comment the gentleman in the audience 3wr5ub9 up the access to the caltrain station at the as the importance to riders who board there and reiterate funds for the connection our project and his desire to make sure that project combordz and gets funding that part of project is of great concern to the community so i just personally and as a member of district 10 wants to make sure that gets fully funded and that road gets built with that said your item on 7 passes the
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cac unanimously if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them thank you. thank you >> are under any questions or comments at this point we'll open up for public comment we have one card. >> good morning, supervisors i'll be brief because bryan said everything the only thing i'll add is the issue of the people seniors and people with about disabled not having enough time to cross the street i look into providing them with a key element that the crossing will allow them additional time to cross. the other thing is actually, i use much stronger language i suggest reducing the creation
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from $1.2 million to $300,000. because frankly some of the items on the schedule surface i'm concerned i suggest they go back to the committee and give a presentation and be ready to answer some of the questions thank you very much. >> thank you is there any public comment? seeing none, this item let's move on to item 3. >> item three and four convoys the consent calendar to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> would committee members like to sever any items on the consent calendar seeing none,
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call the next item. you called both the items >> oh. >> okay. so are there my comes amens or questions from committee members seeing none on the consent calendar. can we take a roll call >> on that supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor kim. supervisor mar absent. supervisor yee. consent calendar is approved >> thank you. can we please call the next. >> recommended an possibility to the committee that is an action item. >> this is a continuation of a program for the one vacancy for the advisory committee. >> correct good morning
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courtney with the to my right the to my right has an 11 member citizen's advisory committee each member serves the term and we recommend that and you can see the applications in attachment one with information important our current committee members for the advisory committee you must be a san francisco resident and appear once before this committee speaks and, now, as you mention we have currently one vacancy for there are 12 applicants and we understand there maybe people in the audience to speak if you
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have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> so again, this is a seat vacated by joseph flanagan who represented district 6 and we are incredibly i still miss his weekly appearance at city hall and our transportation authority and anybody that comes into that seat has shoes to fill we had applicants speak and i'll ask if there are any applicants for this seat who want to come up to the podium to speak and present? come on up mr. smith >> thank you supervisor kim. my name is ramona smith i've minding in san francisco for over thirty years of those years i've been spending most of the
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time volunteering my services with improvement for quality of life issues. my work history goes back to the daefgs before it was under the secretary of state at that time. i became involved that disable and today, i still have those concerns about access for our seniors our disabled as well as our veterans. my volunteer services is for the advisory committee and where i served as officers of the chair of the subcommittee and was definitely involved in the finance committee. i also was revolved with the study of barriers of transportation in the city which is about a year ago. in addition for 3 terms i served as is pedestrian safety act under opposed folks.
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with that, i can say without hesitation my commitment to the quality of life concerns and my ability to be a good listener and i do plan to continue my involvements with any community district 67 as well as other areas i've lived in i assure you i will make this happen >> thank you, m smith. >> as someone who served on the pedestrian safety advisory committee what are the paralyzes around the disabled and seniors and one of the great high rate southerners will be disabled persons they don't have enough time to be able to filter into the mainstream of san francisco
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but we have innovation for the needs and the upkeep of the passageway the sidewalk as well as the crosswalks as far as accessibility for our seniors the seniors and disabled persons have to walk if one point to another to remain save. >> thank you any other questions or comments for your commitments. are there any other applicant here to present on this seat. okay. seeing none we'll move into public comment for this item. sir >> thank you. i'll be brief. i too what was really unique he was wheelchair bound i'm not saying we need someone from
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district 6 from a wheelchair to be representing the disabled community but at some point we really want to have someone like that to bring in a unique prospective and thank you very much >> thank you, sir. >> is is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. i just would request to the plans and program committee to forward mr. randy smith with full recommendation it is vacated by a resident of integrity 6 our office spent time logan for someone to represent the seniors and disabled people in our district. and i appreciate raymond both in the south of market when we had the redevelopment plan for many, many years we worked on our
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alley master plan much of the pedestrian safety improvements in the south of market area. along with pedestrian safety and other issues like the open space. and also happy to see anyone someone that has served on on and on our advisory committee it's great to have a qualified applicant it's a hard seat to fill we had an amazing representative for the district and the city and the disabled community i agree with mr. lebron it's different to have someone who is physically disabled to serve on the cac i 4r50bd look forward to acknowledge applicant we'll get to appoint someone to the cac. that's my request request we forward will raymond smith s with recommendation so there's a
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motion ohoh - okay. there's a motion and secondly, please take roll call >> on the recommendation to appoint mr. smith. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor kim. supervisor mar absent. supervisor yee. that item passes >> thank you. can we please call the next item >> item 67 recommended approval of 14, 2014 prop k 5 year provisions prioritization programs this is an action item. >> any questions from the committee oh, we have a publication. >> i'll be really, really fast. >> maria thank you supervisor kim. this is probably would be one of
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the most important decisions this is the approval of the is 5 year plans that the prop k savings measure it is by the expenditure plan meant to present transparency into the process as well as certainty for the public and others to see what is coming ahead and maximize missing leveraging issues for the city and county of san francisco. on the website what we have two presentations what is prop k and what are the 5 year plans yo go into that but it's a great reference and our deputy city attorney are going to tobacco tag team and i'd like to let the committee know we get the opposition we have folks from
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the mta area and other folks and strangely from the chech republic so with that, last month we had a productive of the bart portion of the state of the great repair the vehicles and guide ways and the public works and whatnot what is left is pretty sure everything else we have the finalizing of the bus preferential streets with that, i'm i'm going to into through this highlight some of the things that prop k has delivered and phone call e focus on the policies we've delivered. so you see on this screen the 14
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categories that we are talking about today. one thing i want to refresh our memories and for those watching we apply lessons learned from the past and the current context by what you see update is the san francisco transportation plan plan in the area and a whole bunch of initiatives from the agencies. and you can see those up through vision zero all the categories that came out of the vision zero projects we'll trite to commit those plans together. the neighborhood transportation improvement program was one of the initiatives and it's a call for both providing planning fund one hundred thousand for planning in each district over the years it's meant to help
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both develop a pipeline of neighborhood projects that are at a later date to our districts you do not go through that but in september we'll talk about that and we have an idea how to use the planning fund and working closely with the project sponsor particularly with mta and the program has a capital component we're targeting two mid and small and midsize capital projects in the next 5 years 0 those are not the only projects but we're talking about the planning project we have 9 pointed $6 million and that matches other state and federal fund. so diving into the categories the first category 4 of them is the caltrain and the capital
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improvement those are the state of good repair funds caltrain was discovered by 3 entities and the budget is negotiated so prop k is offsetting the city of san francisco local match contribution and the approach i'm going to flip we're going to take is to match the capital programming at santa clara and the transit plans so it fascinates the troy partners every year and this is the state of good repair not san francisco specifically but the thought signals excuse me. customer information at the different stations. transit enhancements this the the category that has the category of the competitive
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parts we've got slides proposed for the next 5 years you see the 22 philip extension with the mta their going to get is an application i want to point out the fort mason the names in the expenditure plan it's the search-and-seizure wrote a provision that prop k can only provide $52 million and the rest of the fund come from the park services. as a condition of the funding proposed this is funding that will start in 2015- 2016 for the conceptual engineering and mta will be the project sponsor our recommendation is we have an operational analysis for the operation cost benefit and funding plan in order to to the decision makers about different transit extensions.
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so transit enhancement is one of the few categories we've got a little bit of money for expansion most the vehicle money is for replacement of our existing fleet you can see there's a little bit of money to get more of the historic cars available to improve service on the f line. another category that is for the commission supervisor avalos is the station project there's a number of place holders to implement some of the projects that bart and muni have been implemented and some of the studies that have identified potential changes to the ramp the southbound ramp portions. and the cac comments the funding for the caltrain station so in the next 5 years the funding for the connection our road that was
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part of the package of project to make sure that when caltrain replaces the bridge there's funding for the next oakland study and this category like many of the others you can see the place holders is over one million dollars and it's the capital projects we've identified the last one is the new and upgraded street if so a mix marsh but the stabilization on the highway project and a lot of the improvements on the 19 corridor helping to landscape helps the people not park on the sidewalk and some of the signal improvements. some of the things in the capacity there's additional funding for the 19 avenue project. there's caltrain refarsz and
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walk first and the water project and the sewer project going on this is a big deal and trying to coordinate the construction on the community. there's a dpep will get money back from the from federal government so we're going reallocating it so from chris from our cac this is not part of the plan 1952 work that needs to be done immediately to prevent erosion and last but not least is the category that includes some specific fding for the projects coming out of the study i'll appoint us u out last month the committee talked about the schlage lock project to provide direct cease to the caltrain station through the development there the sequa benefits now as well as the people from the
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rehab with that, i'm going to turn it over to this will be more ground level provision for the categories >> thank you maria thank you deputy for policy and programming so this guide demonstrates the first vision zero oriented educate with the pedestrian safety and the circulation category. there's 3 signal categories in prop k. and those are 20 to install signals and signs and to improve the infrastructure and bring it into a state of good rape much felt technology in san francisco is old so this is upgraded work. this thing i'll point out about signal work the consideration is to identify benefits to all modes with the infrastructure that's put in place there's the
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signal heads and the padded count down signals the curb ramps and a host of consortiums that are supportive of vision zero and the improvements to the network. i will highlight that the work that's been done and the work proposed to be done at the signal location is where you can look at the planned signal locations that's been identified by mta. this gives an indication of the work in the next 5 years including the pavement workers this work has shifted from the pedestrian safety category into the signal category to free up prop k funds for others improvements to be opportunity from that category. sf go this is the corridor level
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the transit signal and sinking to allow for the vehicles to communicate with realtime information on transit and traffic in the fields so this is continuing the work that's fund we've funded work that has been 0 supportive of the benefit corridors over the last 5 corridors and continue to be the transit effectiveness project on the network. the is as follows a that's done and underway you can find the location on the website those are for the modification with the existing infrastructure. and the work that's property over the next 2 years is also on the website this includes improvements more improvements to the van ness signals and the van ness corridors rather and those are supportive as well as
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on the ellis theres 75 percent more prop k that mta is prepping to ask allocation of in the next 5 years then the last so ramp up delivery on the projects are that for traffic by the way of background prop k has funded the traffic cohn a program and most recently, the planning work for the revised about a year and a half ago to improve the traffic cohen e cohn program to reflect the city's priorities including shifting resources with the greatest safety needs based on the safety data and supportive of vision zero so this slide highlights the work funded to
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date with the residential cohn plans. over the next 5 years particularly within the mere term in the next year mta plans to request about $2.6 million in prop k funds to complete the backlog of the plans those are plans that have been implemented over the past several years and the list of locations is shown in our packet available online at and the location on the residential program is underway on track and applications are done every year and the first grouping of the locations that has been accepted for the program will be delivered around the end of the calendar year. the pro-active residential program and the aerials program are part of the new program the
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pro-active residential program allows mta to have the residential locations that have not summit the cohn applications but benefits in terms of safety and moenlt as well as an opportunity to improve the groeveng equality and the prop k funds in the fiscal year are to further plan and scope out those elements the traffic cohn program and come up with a method doing and implementation plan for the aerials and pro-active residential this is really mta is transitioning away from the program and in full swing to the new program in 2015-2016. i think i've pretty much covered the highlights in the next 5


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